26th February 2010
Nicky Blackmarket & MC Coppa
deluxe drum’n’bass hosted by the DANGER DJs
Muffat Café - Muffatwerk - Zellstrasse 4 - Munichhttp://www.muffatwerk.de/
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Nicky Blackmarket is one of the original pioneers of drum and bass, and he is still the most faithful soldier for the scene around the world. At the start of the eighties, Nicky was 14 and playing electro at youth clubs in London. Friends FM, run by Mad B, gave Nicky a good education and the momentum to start his own shop in London, the legendary Blackmarket Records. In the mid-nineties Nicky pushed the hardcore scene with a regular show on Pulse FM and performances at the Roller Express. He moved into production, making his first record "Spam EP", along with various remixes and releases on his label Gyroscope. As the jungle scene exploded Nicky formed his legendary partnership with the late Stevie Hyper D. These performances are still regarded as the standard by which all others are judged, and mp3s of those sets will probably be on the internet forever.
MC Coppa, originally from England, born of Jamaican parents, is fast becoming one of the rising names in worldwide electronic music. Now relocated to Berlin, via Vienna, due to the volume of international music work he was receiving. Not one to limit his sound, 27-year old Coppa is an incredibly versatile vocalist, having gained over seven years of live performances and recording experience in the worldwide electronic music circuit.