26th March 2010
Artificial Intelligence & MC Lowqui
Artificial Intelligence is a production duo hailing from North London releasing tracks on a variety of major labels, from the dark and heavy styles of Commercial Suicide and 31 Records to the more Latin tinged, happy vibes of V recordings and Soul:r. Having worked hard in the scene, in one shape or another, for ten years it's hardly surprising that A.I. is at the top of their game in the DJ circuit as well. Undeniably one of the busiest and most popular drum n’ bass talents today, A.I. regularly headlines at the top events in Europe and beyond including The End, Fabric, Swerve, Movement, Faster and Breakin’ Science just to name a few. They sum up their ethos as, "We want to spread our music to as many people as possible that's the whole reason for doing it in the first place. Not like a preacher or a talker on the TV. We prefer to let our music do the talking across the world. You make some kind of mark on people's minds."
deluxe drum’n’bass hosted by the DANGER DJs
Muffat Café - Muffatwerk - Zellstrasse 4 - Munichhttp://www.muffatwerk.de/
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Lowqui’s journey thorugh breakbeat and drum and bass began back in the days of the UK hardcore scene, when the emerging sounds of jungle introduced a new wave of ragga-influenced toasting and hosting in London’s raves and club nights. LowQui forged his own style to bring conscious lyrics with maximum effect on the dancefloor. This notion of balance and harmony is at the core of LowQui’s style on the mic and comes from a philosophy embedded in all that he does.